Baby Shower

Since I have no friends up here and I don't know anyone in crappy Utah, I went to AZ last weekend for my baby shower. It was really nice and we got lots of very needed items! I had so much fun with my family and seeing my friends. Apparently since most of my siblings moved out my parents have become accustomed to eating out for every meal. I seriously didn't eat one homemade meal the entire 4 days I was there. I'm not complaining, this whole pregnancy thing is just the excuse I need to justify eating whatever I want. Dip n Dots was my personal favorite! I guess it didn't take as long for me to dive back into ice cream as I thought. I know I will pay for it later, but I plan on being anorexic once I have this kid so I better take advantage of my "big eater" days now. My mom came back to Salt Lake with me to help us move. We got all packed up, HOWEVER, the day we went to sign the lease and start moving in the idiot woman who manages the apartments decided to tell us that rent was much more than she originally said. So, we didn't end up moving. Looks like 2 more weeks of living out of boxes, YESSS! Despite our lack of moving my mom and I did have some fun adventures. The house we are being thrown out of is SMALL so I sold all of our furniture to make room for the baby. Now that we will be getting a bigger apartment we can have a kitchen table again, so we did a lot of furniture shopping. No luck on a new table, but we did find a fabulous bed for our guest room at DI (just the headboard and frame, i wouldn't DREAM of having our guests sleep on a raunchy mattress from the DI). We did our best to get it home without a truck, hence the "caged" picture of my mother. Hopefully by my next post we will be moved and settled. Cross your fingers!


Happy Easter!

We finally got a (mini) vacation! Sam's family lives in St. George so we spent the last couple of days there. We have not had a real vacation in way too long! Now that we're back we just have to work, go to school, find a new apartment, take finals, pass the MCAT and apply to med school. Our landlord sold his house and we got a surprise phone call from the new owners saying we had to be out of the guest house ASAP. Nice timing fools! After that news we needed to get away, and Easter sounded like the perfect excuse. While we were there we were able to see a bunch of friends and family. We went to this crazy ice cream shop and ordered the "Grand Canyon". It was HUGE!! We made a valiant attempt to finish it, but to no avail. I'll be fine if I never see ice cream again... well for awhile anyway. We had a great/busy weekend and now its down to business!