jack-o-lantern blaze

Remember that creepy old Disney cartoon about the Headless Horseman? Well I recently found out we live about an hour away from Sleepy Hollow, NY where that story takes place! Every Halloween they have a huge jack-o-lantern blaze on the grounds of one of the many estates there. So Katie and I packed up the kids and headed off (get it) to the blaze. Since it was Katie's birthday we stopped for some Mexican food AND it was actually decent!! While waiting for it to get dark we ventured around the town to see some of the creepy sights, and to treat ourselves to some pumpkin pie ice cream. The blaze was AMAZING! There were so many pumpkins, each carved with incredible detail. I wish the pictures did our experience justice. I would urge each of you to join me next year- just fly out, no biggie! Landon loved our adventure and occasionally talks about Ichabod Crane like they're old friends.



Landon asks for a story every night when we put him to bed. Since this is the only time Sam gets to see him I assume this is where Landon learned about bowling. One Saturday we finally took him, and now he's hooked! He asks to go "bowlink" ALL the time, and sometimes just sits and stares at one of the flyers we picked up from a nearby bowling alley. By the end of one game he's usually pretty worn out and just drops the ball at the line. Why are bowling alleys always gross? Oh well, I guess it's a pretty good indoor activity for when the weather gets nasty here.



It rained all night which knocked many of the newly oranged leaves to the ground. Since our complex is surrounded by huge trees, the minute Sam got done with his final test of the week, this is where I found him... and Landon.



Landon started preschool a couple of weeks ago. I was really impressed with the structure of this program and think it will be great for him! So far he LOVES it. Since the other kids were crying and clinging to their parents I asked Landon if I should stay, but he insisted "No mom, you leave." It's weird to run errands without my buddy, but I'm grateful for him to get to do some fun things with other kids... and the 3 hour break is pretty nice!