We had our first visitors! Richard's family stayed with us for a couple nights on their journey down to North Carolina. Ruby and Ella crack me up, it's always good to see them. Landon loves his cousins and although Sam was M I A the entire week (due to 5 tests in 5 days) we had a great time.
Richard braved this bad boy on one of our many food outings.

Six Flags was fun, we got soaked and didn't even have to touch the water. Ok, the girls did play in the water, but the humidity almost killed us! Sweaty boy


july 4th

With Independence day falling on Sunday this year we kept our celebrating to a minimum. Our friends, the Shepards had us over for some fireworks. I guess most kids grew up lighting fireworks in their driveways on the 4th of July, weird... but FUN! Landon enjoyed the entire plate of cookies I brought (mom's recipe, which i have PERFECTED btw) and watching from a distance and refused to join the other kids in lighting them.


"i'm bakin' like a toasted cheeser"

We got our Wallingford community pool passes! Sam loves The Sandlot and this pool is just like the scene out of that movie, minus Wendy Peffercorn of course.Landon needs to learn how to swim.

toy story 3

Sam took a 2 hour break the other day and joined us for a movie. It only took them the first 15min of the movie to realize the 3D effect was off and fixed it.
I loved it, and so did Landon! Or maybe it was the ENTIRE bucket of popcorn that he loved. Either way, he cracks up every time we quote the movie.

Sleeping Giant

Last weekend we went for a "hike" at Sleeping Giant state park. It was actually more like a stroll, which is just fine by me. One of these days we'll get a sitter and attempt a grown up hike. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed the lovely scenery... as well as the wildlife.