I was "tagged", I think... right Mckell? If not i figured in light of Valentines Day I would post some oldies of me and my better half.
4th of July- Sugar House Park 2005
Zion National Park August 2005

Engagement pics October 2005

Our Wedding Day- Mesa, AZ December 2005
Honey Moon in Orlando December 2005

New Years Eve 2005
Where it all began, Applebees- SLC (pic from April 2006)

Mexico May 2006
Work Christmas Party- SLC December 2006
Phoenix Zoo December 2006
Gecko Grill- AZ December 2006

Easter- St. George April 2007

Liberty Park Ward Primary class May 2007
Father's Day BBQ- Sugarhouse Park June 2007
Landon's birth- SLC July 2007

Disneyland October 2007

Chrisma-Palooza- SCL December 2007

Christmas Pics-AZ 2008

Sadly we only got one camera phone pic of this years Valentines Day 2010

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The last few days have been pretty full around the Shumway home. Our perfect emotional high started at Christmas, and things just kept getting better! In addition to all the other great news we were getting, our house sold within hours of listing it, and for more than our asking price. The only explanation is that we are blessed. Now, we are 2 days from moving and the house sits untouched, unpacked. Recent loss has caused a slight delay in our family's progression, in more ways than one. At a time when stress, and heartache should be paralyzing I feel more at peace than ever. I am surrounded by blessings everywhere I turn. It's a funny thing, "trials", and how they really do make you stronger. I hope to always keep the gratitude I feel today fresh in my mind. Take a look around, the blessings that fill your life are quite empowering!



Since Sam is pretty special he gets one more post, then I'm done gloating! Happy Birthday Sam! Thank you for all that you do, especially for having a birthday... which means a visit to Farmhouse Grill!

connecticut... bump bump bum

I admit, my blogging has been sparse these last few months. However, I do have pretty good excuses. We have been EXTREMELY busy! For the whole month of November Sam was gone almost every weekend interviewing all over the country. Sam has always wanted to have a career in the medical field. After much thought, research, and prayer, early last fall Sam decided that a career as a Physician Assistant would be a perfect fit for him. He sent applications to over 20 schools, and then we waited. About 2 months went by before we started getting letters inviting Sam to interview. At first he went to every one, which all happened to be within weeks of each other, and on opposite sides of the country. His 3rd interview was at the number 14 school in the country, Quinnipiac University. Right from the beginning he felt really good about the interview, location, and the program. At the end of the interview the head of the program told him she'd "never said this to anyone", then asked "what do we need to do to get you to come here?". By the time Sam got home there was an email, with a special "early acceptance" letter. Since this was the best school he applied to, he didn't bother going to any other interviews. Two of the 3 schools he interviewed with accepted him. He started out applying to every school he qualified for, just hoping for one interview. Now he was actually able to research and pick from the very best PA programs available, what a blessing! I am a little scared to be moving so far from home, but mostly grateful, and excited for our new adventure!