out and about

We took a couple days while everyone was still in town to do some sightseeing/exploring. Of course we looked up some good food places first. Yes, our priorities are still in line. Lucky for us this place is LOADED with fabulous food. Just down the road is Ted's featured on Man vs. Food. It was of course, delicious! Since then, we have also experienced some fantastic seafood, and cheesestakes. Oh! And a horribly wicked sundae covered in hot peanut butter and fudge. (you're such a bad influence, mom!) Last Sunday we ventured out to the beach. It was, like everything else, beautiful. We relaxed for a bit and came home.I am more and more optimistic about this place, and even excited to do a little more exploring!

settling in

We made it! Sam left AZ Sunday morning. My mom, Landon, and I left Buffalo Wednesday morning and by 1pm we met Sam in Connecticut. Toll roads are retarded, other than that it was a lovely drive. We got through half of To Kill a Mocking Bird which I quite enjoyed! I don't know where I was when everyone in high school was reading it, but I had never heard it before and plan to finish it soon. Sam's brother, Taylor and my mom deserve awards for both helping with the move, and putting up with my initial shock. Let's just say that this apartment is not as luxurious as our previous home. With the help of a paid handy man and some feminine touches (thanks again for whipping up some curtains, mom) we have ourselves a lovely little place to call home for the next 27 months.
(This was not taken at our apartment... but it is the campus where Sam will be spending the majority of his time over the next 2 yrs)


my move

Since I married a saint, I was able to fly across the country instead of follow a moving truck for 3000 miles with a 2yr old in my backseat. Needless to say, Sam and I have very different stories about our move. Here is mine.
I decided to fly to Buffalo, NY with my mom since my brother would be graduating Dental school the same time we were headed east anyway. Richard and Erica were great hosts and let me use a space heater while sleeping in the attic. The stay was actually very lovely, and it only snowed once. They showed us the sites and put up with us for a few days. For Landon it was quite the dynamic coming from little boys the weekend before, to a house full of little girls. He enjoyed playing with his girl cousins for a change, and didn't yell at the baby once! We had a great time, and hope to be able to see more of our east coast family.

it's not "goodbye", it's just "see ya later"

A couple months before we were set to move, I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends. We became pretty dedicated workout buddies, with the occasional trip to Pita Jungle. I am so sad to be leaving them, but truly happy to have such great friends!


Sam's brother, John, was called to serve a mission in Leeds England. Luckily Sam was able to tear himself away from his studies the weekend before we moved and fly to St. George for the farewell. In order to save money and finish packing, Landon and I were scheduled to stay home. For some reason I just couldn't bear the thought of the whole family together for the last time (for 2 years) without us. I made a spur of the moment decision, threw Landon in the car and headed to St. George. I didn't even tell Sam I was coming up, I just climbed into bed next to him once we got there, around 3am. The next morning John gave an awesome talk in church. Sam was excited to see us, and I was so happy we had the chance to see everyone before the move.


the Diz

We decided to redeem our free Disney vouchers a few weeks ago. We prepped Landon be telling him we were going to Mickey's house. After the drive, he loved every minute of our short trip! The highlight was meeting the "real" Buzz Lightyear. We went with my parents and brother's family. A couple of Sam's friends met up with us at the park, for a great time!

^^ Why was I deprived of this in my youth??