We were able to spend some time in St. George for thanksgiving weekend. Since it was the big BYU vs UTAH game on Saturday we dressed up to support the team. Our intention was to get a family picture of us in our matching apparel, but that never happened. I was disappointed by the last 30 seconds of the game, but life goes on. Shhhh, I actually just pretend to be a fan because Sam's really into that stuff. We are moving to St. George in about a week (unless Sam can find a super job in AZ). Change is good, especially when it involves leaving the snow behind! We're excited to be in a warmer climate and near family.


turkey... or not.

This year for Thanksgiving I decided to go all out! We have had a 20lb turkey in our freezer for almost a year. I bought everything needed for a delicious Thanksgiving supper, and I was determined to finally cook the sucker. I don't know what happened!?! Maybe it was the fact that Sam was going to be at work. Or maybe I just got lazy. I was secretly thinking that if I had all the fix-ins somehow the huge meal would prepare itself. No luck. Thursday came and our delicious Thanksgiving meal was no where to be found. I couldn't bare to let Sam go to work on an empty stomach, especially today, so we ventured out to find somewhere to eat. We had very few options, 2 in fact. Our 1st choice, Chuck-A-Rama, was too packed. I couldn't bare the thought of fighting 500 other people over salad tongs, or watching strangers up to their elbows as they dug through the mashed potatoes. Village Inn would have to suffice. Sam got a breakfast skillet, and I got to sit next to the dirty kitchen with my tuna sandwich. Sam should have requested the day off so we could spend it with family and enjoy a real Thanksgiving dinner, but for some reason we thought that the 2 days of pay-and-a-half at work would taste so much better. Hmmmm, maybe next year... how long does a frozen turkey stay good anyway?


yea for teeth

Landon is teething. He's barely 4 months and has 2 teeth trying to grow out of his gums. He's been a trooper! When my wisdom teeth were growing in it hurt, so I immediately had them removed. Since we can't use this remedy on Landon, he's been living on teething tablets (thanks posey). I decided since he can hold up his head, and almost has teeth it is time to introduce rice cereal. Sick. I forgot that he doesn't know how to do anything, including eat off a spoon. Bottles are so much easier! I assume he'll get it one of these days. As for now we'll just enjoy being covered in goop!


Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today I am 24. Because of Sam's busy work/school schedule we got to celebrate yesterday. We went with a bunch of friends to RODIZIO! That is one thing I will miss when we leave Salt Lake. I always thought I was pretty hard to surprise when it comes to getting presents. I balance our account, so I see everything that is purchased, and I usually pick out what I want and Sam just hides it until the right time. However, in our 2 years of marriage Sam has managed to surprise me on BOTH of my birthdays! Last year he refinished an antique piano for me, and this year he sold his blood in order to buy me a birthstone ring for Landon. I love it! Rubies and white gold. It motivates me to have more kids so I can keep stacking up the rings. I also got some great gifts from my friends and family. Everyone has been way too generous, THANK YOU!!


Witch Hat?

Since Landon (Sam) wasn't allowed to go trick or treating, we came up with an alternative evening of fun. Dinner at Chili's then a marathon of "The Joe Shmoe Show". Boring to some, but a night of bliss for an exhausted mother. I wanted to do something domestic since we didn't even dress Landon or ourselves up. I am a self declared "Miss Crafty". Usually I think I'm pretty talented in this area, however, I was quite disappointed with the outcome of my latest project. My sister gave me a simple, but cute idea for witch hat cookies. I bought the "ingredients" and was excited to start. I in no way claim to be coordinated (as previously proven), but how hard could frosting a cookie be anyway??? You have no idea. I started, and just kept going. With each cookie I thought it was some bazaar fluke that they were turning out so ugly. After an emergency call to my sister to see if she had the problem, I found out that I had been doing them wrong. They were actually much simpler than I had imagined. Since I can't fathom throwing away chocolate of any kind, the ugly cookies were quickly donated to the crazy kids that Sam works with at the mental institute. I "made" a batch of the correctly frosted cookies witch were a huge hit! We had friends over and stayed up way too late watching what may be the funniest reality show ever. I highly recommend it (watching the show, not staying up too late)! Here is a picture of how a witch hat cookie should look: