paul potts

For his birthday, my parents gave Sam tickets to see Paul Potts in concert. Lucky me! About a year ago Sam showed me this amazing video of a silly looking man on the show Britain's Got Talent. Sam and I both fell in love with his story, and his awesome talent. The concert was such a great experience, we got to go with my parents, and my aunt. The music was truly moving and I remain in awe over the talent and humility of this strange little man.


need a laugh?


This year we were able to attend (my cousin) Melinda's annual Easter Picnic. Some of the festivities included great bbq, egg hunts, sand volleyball and my favorite, treats! For those not so familiar with my family, the striking model above is my mother. She works as a school nurse, so she had the whole week off for spring break. We started the week by eating out for multiple meals each day, but by Wednesday decided to sit down and create a menu so we can take turns cooking dinner each night. We lasted two days, which yielded very delicious meals, and by Friday were back out to eat for date night. We will try this cooking thing again next week. It was fun to gather Easter supplies for all the grandkid's baskets with her. We went to Dollar Tree thinking we'd knock it out for a few bucks and failed miserably, spending over $60. Landon went on his first Easter hunt and with a little help found some great prizes. Sam spoiled me with DVDs, candy, and some makeup from Sephora. I got Sam another controller for the PS2. I know I shouldn't be encouraging this behavior, but at least now he won't have to play his video games alone.



At 7 months old Landon currently has 6 teeth. He has been enjoying many new foods, especially french fries! The weather here has been beautiful so we've been spending a lot of time outside. We got Landon this mini chair so he can enjoy the weather with us. All of Landon's cousins came over last night for a bbq. We had fun playing kickball and bocce!

oh toodles!

Landon loves Mickey's Clubhouse. We have two episodes recorded on dvd and he watches them EVERY morning. I'm sick to death of it, but for him it's like an exciting new adventure each time he watches it. I realize it may be early for him to start loving TV but it creates a much needed break for me! Plus, whenever we need Landon to smile or look at us for a picture we just say "Oh Toooooooooodles". Works like a charm.


supersize weekend

My family goes out to eat... A LOT. This is due to the fact that everyone in my family loves to eat. We're well aware that we are pigs, and pretty much fine with that. However, Sam and the other poor saps that married into this family, are no doubt thoroughly disgusted with this behavior. This weekend was a prime example of the habit. Friday night we went to Tia Rosa's for excellent Mexican food. After that we headed straight to Cosmo and Jenn's reception for dessert. Ok we really went to celebrate their blissful union, but the cotton candy, ice cream, and chocolate was not far from our minds, or our loaded plates. Richard and Erica were in town for the wedding and on Saturday suggested Buca di Beppo for lunch. Not one person turned down the invite, and as a result the snotty hostess was stuck setting up a table for 15. We always have fun and at least one good laugh when we're all together. As we left Bucca, Sam overheard a nearby table sigh with relief and comment about how quiet the almost empty restaurant now was. Needles to say, Sam suggested that next Saturday we have a field day. You know, get outside and enjoy the fresh air, play some ball, and maybe even eat a home cooked meal. Something tells me the turnout won't be as promising as say, a lunch invite.

a clever re-enactment depicting one of buff's timeless classics