Our Class!

After serving in the nursery for a year, we were finally released. However, we were then immediately called to be teachers of the 5-6 year old class. Its been quite the calling. The kids are actually very entertaining. Opening prayers frequently include long stories and interesting requests. We love it! Our "lessons" usually last about 4 minutes before one of the kids interrupts with some random news about their week. Needless to say we spend most of the class coloring.


(hotdog) Bun in the oven!

In November we were surprised by a blue + on a plastic stick. 23 weeks later I still don't feel pregnant, that is except for this basketball sized protrusion on my body that's making my clothes snug. We are very excited for this upcoming addition. At 15 weeks we found out our little "bun" has a WIENER! This made Sam especially happy, as he no longer has to worry about being being out numbered by females. And the fear of joining my father in "PMS hell" has subsided... for now.


I quit school a long time ago, so technically I don't have a spring break. BUT, since most everyone im affiliated with does, I pretend to be included. Over "spring break" I met my mom & dad , and sister & her husband in LA (I was a proud 5th wheel). We saw the musical Wicked, which was amazing! We also stayed at a haunted hotel, which was really a ship. The trip was wonderful and much needed.

Happy Birthday Sam!

Last December got Sam these golf clubs at a killer sale. They have been hiding in our closet for the last 3 months and finally got to come out for his birthday gift. I also got him a season pass for the golf course, HOWEVER it may be another 3 months before he can actually use them, that is whenever the sun comes out and the snow melts!