road trip

Landon and I drove with my mom and sisters to Utah last weekend. The girls are starting the BYU semester and we, along with my kind aunt Amy were hauling them and their crap up to Provo. I think I was possessed when I decided to tag along. I had sworn off EVER driving to Utah again, and now I remember why. We left at 6 am, and not even 10min out of the gate and we were involved in a fender-bender. Thank goodness it wasn't our fault... well... legally anyway. None of us were seriously injured (including our car). I wish I could say the same for my poor aunt who was smashed between our (abruptly stopped) car and the kid behind her who didn't see us stop so quickly. 3 hours, a tow truck, and a rental car later we were back on the road, but not for long. We stopped in Flagstaff for lunch... and after another 3 hours we hit the road again. The trip continued in this fashion causing us to finally arrive at our condo by 1 am. We picked up Buff who had been living as a transient for the last month in the SLC valley. The six of us spent the majority of the weekend in the car, running errands and gathering supplies for Natalli and Kami. Landon is the best baby in the world, sorry but it's true. He didn't cry or whine once the entire weekend, which is a lot more than I can say for any of the adults in our party. Buff kept herself entertained as usual, which kept me entertained. We all learned some interesting stories about each other, some funny, some perverted (mom), I was threatened with my life so I can't go into detail. The trip ended up being really fun... well, fun. It was good to spend time with my younger sisters before their semester started, and I'm glad I went!


visit from ruby

Richard surprised my mom and flew in for the weekend with Ruby. It was good to see them both, even though Ruby scared the crap out of Landon despite him being twice her size. Don't let this picture fool you, I had to Photoshop this face onto Landon since every time Ruby was near he started crying. They are the closest cousins in age, almost exactly 2 months apart. By the end of their visit Landon had warmed up to Ruby just enough to handle being in the same room as her with out bursting into tears. We miss having Ella and Ruby near by!



Salt Lake, UT. That's right, we finally took our summer vacation! Well, we'll count it as that anyway. Sam's friend got engaged a while back and we really wanted to be at the wedding so I booked some flights to SLC. A couple of weeks before we left Sam decided to call his buddy to find out where the wedding would be held so we could arrange for our hotel to be close by. Little did we know our hotel would be thousands of miles away no matter where in Utah we booked it... the wedding was to be held in Hawaii. OOOOPS! They changed the location and this buddy forgot to share that vital bit of info. No worries, we headed up to Salt Lake anyway (thanks to the "no refund" policy at the airline). Sam's family came up to meet us, which made the weekend great!
This is a White Alligator (i think it's fake, looks like the paint is peeling off)
They had a really cool bird show

We even got to eat at Ruth's!!
The next day we went up to Park City for the art fair, and to shop at the outlets!