Sal & Logan

After the game we headed over to (Sam's sister) Sally's house to celebrate her and Logan's birthday! I can't believe he is already a year old! It's been so nice to get to know Sally better, and Landon has his cousin Logan to play with, they always have a great time! Happy (late) Birthday to the other Shumway's born in January, Max and Bean!


Sam's brother, John (the one shooting), plays basketball on his high school team. Friday nights we all go to the games to root for him! Now I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of sports. I attended millions of games during my 6 years of cheerleading, so I feel like I've paid my dues. Somehow I think I will be attending many more, what with my sports fanatic husband, not to mention the birth of my son. I usually have fun at these games, for the first half anyway! However, the last game was monumental! We ventured to a small town outside St. George. Hurricane, pronounced (by utahn's) HURA-KIN. It started out as a normal game, Snow Canyon was ahead the whole game. Little did I know there was a very special snack prepared for the half time show. They began by wheeling out the "set" which was constructed mostly of PVC pipe and shower loofahs. Then the Hurricane entertainment appeared.

Their instructor should be shot. Poor girls, as if the costumes weren't bad enough, she thought it would be fun to slap skates on these gimlets. They pretty much took turns hiding behind the fake rocks and skidding around trying not to fall. I won't go into too much detail, as the pictures speak for themselves. I couldn't tell you the final score of the game, but John's team won! I am very happy I didn't miss this game!


family journal

I started this blog about a year ago. I do not journal, and I definitely don't scrapbook so I decided to have our blog made into a book. I was very pleasantly surprised with the finished product! Each year I will send our blog into BLURB (after editing and placing photos where I want them etc) and have our memories printed into a hardcover book. It's way cheaper, and less time consuming than scrapbooking, and way more interesting than just a journal... jackpot!

6 months... ALREADY?!

We took Landon to get his 6 month shots yesterday. I was raised by a pack of wild wolves so I never got any shots as a kid, not to mention the only one in class not allowed to do the fluoride at school. As a kid, other than being jealous of the kids who did get to "swish", I didn't think twice about it. My father (the chiropractor) opted not to have us immunized. For some reason I do remember getting a booster shot as a child, but only because our doctor's name was Dr. BUNzal, and as kids we thought that was pretty funny. Anyway in my own opinion, I don't think immunizations are necessary. I actually don't know anything about them. My opinion is based on no fact other than I was never sick as a child and can count on 2 fingers the times I've been sick as an adult. Why then do I subject my kid to these shots? For one, my husband does believe in them. And secondly, I'm too passive to try and fight him or the school systems about it. So at two, four, and now six months Landon has been a trooper only crying for a second while being jabbed over and over with sharp needles. As for me, I will probably rot with mumps and polio, but for now I'll take that chance.


shootin' up

Sam works doubles every other weekend. This was his weekend off, so we took advantage! Saturday morning, Sam and his brothers wanted to go shooting, so I invited myself and tagged along! It was such a nice day and they basically have a shooting range in their backyard, talk about convenient. I was forced to shoot the shotgun, good thing it only holds 3 shells! It's heavy, loud, and kicks around all over the place. NO, I did not hit any clays. But Sam did! He and his brothers are really good! I was impressed. I did get in trouble a couple of times for not obeying "the rules" (something to do with crossing a line drawn in the dirt, oh and not waving the gun around). What a great source of cheap entertainment. I actually had fun just watching, but maybe next time I'll actually hit the stupid thing!

what happens in Vegas...

My mom and dad took a quick trip to Vegas this week. Since I currently live only a short drive away, they invited me to meet up with them. They bought into some timeshare thing last year and had some extra points to spend, so the condo we stayed in was really nice and right on the strip. When I got there my dad surprised my mom and I with tickets to see Phantom of the Opera, while he took care of Landon. WOW! We started out the night by going to a buffet, then over to the Venetian for the show. My mom and I were perfectly satisfied with the balcony seats, but when we asked the usher for help finding our seats we hit the jack-pot! He asked us if we would rather sit in the "Golden Circle" of the theatre. Uh, are you kidding me?! So he walked us down 8 rows from the front, dead center. Talk about AMAZING! I've seen quite a few of these big musical productions, and this was one of my top 2. Maybe it was because we could actually reach the Phantom as he swung from the chandelier directly above us. Thanks again dad!


wa wa wandon

Sam works... A LOT. So, in a city where I have no car, and no friends, I often find ways to entertain myself. Yesterday I broke out the camera and with the help of handy ol' Picasa, I created some art.


New Year's Eve.... 'n stuff

I'm usually good at updating my blog. Lately I have been a huge slacker, but for good reason. I've been working on my 2007 blog book. I'm SOOOOOO excited to see how it turns out. It's looking pretty great so far. Anyway, we spent New Year's this year at First Night. It's a little street carnival/fair in downtown St. George. It was FREEZING, but fun. They had cool booths, bands, and even a halfpipe. And that's exactly where we spent most of the night, as that's where the barrels of fire were located. Sam took me up the hill just before mid-night to watch the fireworks fall over the whole city, the view was amazing. Before we left AZ for Christmas my sister, mom, and I made a bet. Well set up more of a competition of sorts. We are going to have a "Biggest Loser" competition to see who can lose the most weight. The 2 people who lose the LEAST weight each pay the biggest loser $50! I'm very grateful for this motivation to get my butt into shape. I'm sure they have forgotten about this little game, so I am posting this to remind them to stop indulging in their weekly ritual of attending the Chinese Buffet.