I decided to take Sam dinner on Saturday night, I'm the best wife!!! JK-- I had a craving for Betos (Filibertos equivalent) and thought it'd be more fun to eat with Sam than alone in our apt. I noticed this lovely view of the city as I was driving home and wanted to take a picture. That is all.


Baby Shower... part 2

The staff from Sam's unit threw him a "Surprise" baby shower. It's always fun to get together with friends from work, but It was tricky to get him there without spoiling the secret. It was nice to get a break from the spotlight and let Sam do the awkward opening of the shower gifts! We had tons of really good food and some really nice stuff! We have been so lucky to have such great people around.
Oh, we also had a recent dr appointment where we found out our child is ABOVE the 90th percentile for size. Getting a C- section is a big possibility, but as for now we just get to wait.


Our boy is BIG!!

So I've been measuring pretty close to right on for this whole pregnancy. In fact, I've been very lucky through this whole thing, but I think its all about to catch up with me. At my last dr visit I measured "big" meaning I was 34 weeks preg but measuring as if I was 37 weeks. So my dr sent me to have an ultra sound to see what the deal was. Today we went and had our lil guy checked out to see how far along I measured. The astonished tech told us that our baby's foot is about the size of your index finger (not your pinky). Also, this kid already weighs 7.5 lbs! Are you kidding?! He still has over a month to grow! At this stage the baby will grow about 1/2 lb a week, so you do the math... that makes this at least a 10 lb baby!!!! There's no way. If anyone has any grand ideas on how to induce labor send them my way! (these pictures are not from the above mentioned ultra sound, they are from week 24. The pictures I received today are a blurry mess and you wouldn't be able to tell what anything is because the baby is so large one finger fills up the ENTIRE screen. The tech says that at this stage and due to the size, the pictures are usually undefined.)


Happy Father's Day!!

Ok, so Sam's not really a father yet, but we celebrated anyway. We got together with a bunch of friends for a BBQ! It was a perfect day outside, and we had a lot of fun. My sis Kami was also in town staying with us so she joined in the fun. Unfortunately I had to spend most of the day in the lawn chair but I always enjoy great food and friends. Everyone else played ball and frisbee. Sam dove for a stray frisbee and scraped his arm up pretty nicely, but at least he caught it. All in all it was a nice way to spend a sunny sunday afternoon!


Airborne... or not

Sam got an RC airplane from Santa (my parents) this Christmas. We had forgotten all about it until recently when we came across it while unloading all our crap. Today was really nice outside so we decided flying it at the park would be a great Sunday afternoon activity. After 45 minutes Sam finally had the thing put together and it was ready to take flight! Or so we thought. Sam thoroughly read the directions on how to "launch" the plane into the air, only it didn't quite go as planned. As he "launched" (threw) the plane it went about 2 feet and immediately crashed to the ground, breaking one of the wings instantly. He was devastated at the thought that this was it for the afternoon. So, using the only resources available and being the crafty son-of-a-gun that he is, Sam picked the tape off the airplane box and mended the broken wing. After several more attempts to get the plane airborne, we gave up. Needless to say, the airplane now rests in our dumpster. It wasn't a total waste of the afternoon, at least I was able to relax and get some much needed sun!


Settled in!

Here we are 4 weeks after moving and just barely getting settled. Sam has been out of commission for the last month due to the MCAT and applications to med school. He won't find out how he did on the test for a while, so we're keeping our fingers crossed! Now that I have my husband back we are finally unpacking boxes and setting up house. We ventured to Draper on Saturday to hit up the new IKEA. I love that place! We got a bunch of stuff for baby's room and it's beginning to look less like a prison cell and more like a nursery! We also got a kitchen table!! This is fabulous news to me since we've been having meals at our 2x2 ft coffee table for the last while. I've almost forgotten how nice it is to sit in a chair to eat. Only 7 weeks to go on this bun I've got in the oven and we're counting down the days... Not to mention the sleepless nights! Does this ever end???