boot camp

Landon just turned 11 months old. For some reason I believed I would have my pre-pregnancy body back long before this point. When I first found out I was pregnant I quit going to the gym, and continued to eat anything I wanted... sometimes double. Needless to say I got HUGE! It is actually quite sickening. At the time I thought it was fine, it would all just fall off once the baby was born. WRONG! I'm still 30lbs overweight. Or at least I was. When I moved to AZ in February EmmaLee and I got gym memberships and what turned out to be a short bout of motivation. We would even get up at 5 am to go to the work-out classes. Then in April my dear sister found out she was expecting. I think we've been once since. I only mention this for my own justification for not going to the gym. I am fully aware I can (and have a couple of times) go to the gym alone. Now, onto the point. EmmaLee recently opened her dance studio at a new location, which comes with the added luxury of having more classes. For 1 month now, every Tuesday and Thursday I have faithfully shown up to Boot Camp to have my butt whipped into shape. I love it!! Heidi, the instructor, is GREAT! I am loving the results already and should be (if i'm good) back to not only pre-pregnancy, but high school weight by the end of the next two months!! Don't get me wrong, it's really hard work, but totally worth it. Once the Camp is over I will (maybe) post before and after pics. Since my days of consuming LARGE amounts of whatever I want without consequence are long over, I can at least soften the blow by getting in some great work-outs.

*if you're interested in the camp, call Heidi (480) 242-6602


domestic me

I got this toy box at Ikea with every intention to jazz it up. Instead it sat in the box under my bed for for the last 4 months. Ambition hit me this week and I finally finished it!

For a very brief moment I considered selling them... BUT the thought of every other stay at home mom that slaps vinyl all over their homemade crafts and sells them at ridiculous prices crossed my mind. And then I threw up in my mouth. I just can't. Perhaps if ambition shows up with a sledge hammer.