What a bargain!

We want to dress Landon up for Halloween. Well, actually Sam wants to dress him up, but I know it's only so he can take him trick-or-treating and reap the benefits. I feel uneasy about spending $20+ on a costume for someone who will wear it for 3 hours, not to mention have no recollection of the event. We found these cute T-shirts and hats at Target for a buck! There you go, instant Halloween costume! I know Landon looks disappointed, but don't worry its only a matter of time before he is infected with the bargain bug. If my mom has taught me anything, it is the importance of a good bargain! She has instilled in us since childhood that digging through the clearance racks is far more thrilling than spending a little more money to get what you really wanted. So, when I come across a hidden treasure I can't help but snatch it up! Most of the time I really don't need it, but to Sam's dismay I insist. If it's on sale I HAVE to buy it. I just cant resist the urge to save money. I realize that in spending money I am not really saving it. I also acknowledge that this is a sickness. Thank you Mother.

We spoke in church on Sunday so we decided to dress Landon up, that and the fact that this "6 month" outfit is almost too small for our 2 month old. I don't mind speaking in church, if I'm prepared. For some reason I thought I could just wing it... NOT my best idea. Sunday morning before church I gathered some quotes and thought I was ready. Needless to say it didn't go too well. My talk was like 4 minutes and consisted mostly of nervous chatter, which seems to have offended a large portion of the congregation. Sam did great as usual, how do you sound like an adult at the pulpit? I seriously feel like I should be holding up pictures as if I was giving a talk in primary. Oh well, I hope to someday become a real adult. Or at least sound like one. We're lucky to have Monday nights together as a family. Sam gets 2 days off work a week so we take advantage of every minute! Monday we were invited to dinner with some of our friends. It was fun! We ate Mexican food at the Blue Iguana. Now, this place frustrates me. Sam and I keep going there hoping to be impressed. But for some reason their food fails to deliver and they continue to use mayonnaise on their "dinner salads". PLEASE, is it too much to ask for a decent Mexican food restaurant in Utah? Apparently so. Afterwards we got ice cream and played the Newlywed Game. Sam and I won! I think it's because we aren't afraid of offending each other so we tell the truth and get the points!


Which one?

Who do you think Landon looks like more? I've heard he looks "exactly" like me, while other's swear he looks just like Sam. It's just fun to compare. The "Look-a-Like" meter on myheritage.com won't work for me, so let me know what you think!



Not cool, and NOT FAIR! Both of our cars were broken into last night. First the thief took 2 pairs of Electric sunglasses, ipod charger, 9 volt converter, our car "power station" (jumps your car if you break down, has an air compressor, flashlight, and emergency radio) then rifled through our mail, stole Sam's keys out of my car, and proceeded to have their way with Sam's car. I guess we're lucky that they didn't use the keys to let themselves into our apartment for a cup of hot cocoa. Hmmmmm, I thought when you practice integrity (like leaving a note after you hit a parked car) karma was supposed to kick in and reward us with say, a winning lotto ticket. Instead I guess THIS HAPPENS!? Awesome.


Tune in!

I've watched this show in the past and LOVE IT! The new season of

started tonight. I laugh the whole time it's on. It's actually very endearing, and I think everyone can learn something from tuning in. Tuesday nights, I dare you all to watch...


Bad Mom...

Against better judgement, we took Landon to RedFest this weekend. It's basically a big outdoor concert on the University of Utah campus. I've been before in the past and felt like it wasn't too crazy to bring a tiny baby... Ok, so I am a bad mom. Anyway, we felt pretty dumb wheeling the stroller through the line and into the concert. To our surprise, it ended up being really fun! The Format played an all acoustic set, so it was perfect. Lucky for us, Landon slept the entire time. Until the middle of Jack's Mannequin when the fat kid in front of us decided to light up. Normally we would just ignore the toker, but I figured it was a little early to expose Landon to this punk's bad habit. So we left, got some Chili's and rented a movie. Sam picked the flick, and to his defense it was actually pretty good! The move was called Nueve Reinas (nine queens). I love when people recommend films to watch, so let me highly recommend this one to you! It is in Spanish, but if you can read you will probably like it.


A Much Better Week

I have to say this week has been a huge improvement since my traumatic weekend last Saturday. Buff came with us to the outlets in Park City, then to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. The deals at the outlets were so good Sam and I went back the next day to get more stuff! Landon is already 8 weeks old, I can't believe it. He is starting to be much more entertaining. I am so proud of my little boy, or maybe its more gratitude than pride that I have. Anyway, Landon has been sleeping 8 hours through the night! YESSS! Thanks to BABY WISE I actually get some good sleep. I seriously thought the day would never come. According to the book he should be sleeping 12 hours through the night by 12 weeks old, what a treat for mommy! Not only is he a great sleeper, he's such a sweet baby! He likes strangers and going out (also a treat for mommy). He doesn't really fuss or cry, unless he's really hungry (I don't blame him, I do the same thing). Oh, and aunt Erica sent a Bumbo chair! He's kinda too small for it now, but I can tell he will love it. He already smiles when I put him in it, even though his head is flopping around all over the place. Thanks Erica!!


Why I love Salt Lake City...

Today we woke not to Landon screaming, but to band music trumpeting through the streets. Lucky for us it was the annual Avenues Street Fair, right in our front yard! We decided to take advantage of our prime location and ventured out to the street. There was good food, fun shops and hundreds of the strangest people I've ever seen(Buff fitting in with, and spotting the best of them). There was even a "comedian" dressed as a cowboy. I don't know if his outfit was part of the show, we didn't stand there long enough to find out. He wasn't funny, and we were sick of him trying to impress the crowd by cracking his Indiana Jones whip. The fair wasn't all bad, Landon did get his face painted, by MIDGETS! Yes, there was a tent set up called "Little People" face painting, 2 dollars later we had some great pics and a crooked U on Landon's face. The fair seemed to be a huge success, as there were thousands of cars parked all over our neighborhood ALL day long. The parking lot of our complex seemed to be the favorite spot to illegally park for the event. Later in the day as I was leaving to run errands, I smashed into one of the idiots who decided to park behind my car. NOT on purpose. I wish I was brave enough to let the poor bastard suffer in wonder at who would smash his precious automobile and just leave, but my conscience ,or maybe it was my husband, wouldn't let me. Now I sit and wait for a phone call that I assume will be far from friendly (i left a note for the lucky fool). Thanks Salt Lake for a wonderful day!


Landon's Blessing

Sam blessed Landon on Sunday. We had a lot of family and friends in town and it was a great weekend! Landon was thoroughly mawled and quite sick of being drug around. Grandma Terry (Sam's mom) got Landon the cutest blessing outfit, BUT since the kid seems to grow so fast it was a little snug come Sunday. By the time we shoved Landon into the outfit he was a bit fed up. Then came his favorite, the dreaded car seat! After he was all buckled in I looked down and noticed our precious angel all dressed in white...

I SWEAR on my life this picture was NOT posed or doctored in any way (although it does seem to fit, what with the skulls and all). I guess he just had enough! What a great pic to capture his special day.