new year's fun

After Christmas we flew to St. George to spend a couple weeks with Sam's family. It was so good to see friends, spend time with family, and do plenty of relaxing!

China Town Las VegasVisiting Molly and Wayne...and their new baby Samuel. Landon was so sweet with him and didn't want to put him down. Let's hope he feels the same way when his little brother arrives!The men attempted to go hunting and got stuck for hours instead.Another man outing, ice fishing! Jumping Jack's with cousins Another snow day!Hot chocolate to warm us up after sledding. Landon's first time shootingJack Shumway is a pro with his BB gun, let's hope Sam doesn't think 4 is a good age for a first gun.Jack Lambert and Landon waiting for their turn to shoot the BB gun.

Back in Connecticut, here's the welcome home we received...actually, thanks to awesome friends out here, our car was cleaned off and apartment warmed up by the time we got home.


Smithmas '10

For Christmas this year Landon and I flew to AZ a couple weeks early. The 70+ degree weather was a wonderful treat! Sam joined us right before the holiday and we had a blast at the many celebrations.
Regan's Ugly Sweater Christmas party. I'm not sure why but we all look incredibly 80's.The "Elves" made these special bowling pants for Christmas Eve- Landon wore them once and now refuses to touch them. Maybe this mama elf needs to brush up on her sewing... Smith family talent showLandon singing Jingle BellsChristmas morning!Sisters quilt for my mom. We each contributed squares and came up with this little number.
We are so lucky to have such a great family. It's always fun to celebrate the holidays together, even if it means hauling Christmas for 3 people across the country!



Sam and I were separated by roughly 2500 miles on our actual anniversary. So when Sam finally finished his finals and met me in AZ we celebrated by stuffing our faces with delicious food. 5 years down... 5 billion to go!



If you recognize the woman in the above picture, you hold a special place in my heart. If you too were sweet talked into buying her magical potion, you top my list. My family has many Christmas traditions and for as long as I can remember our family has ventured to the Mesa Swap Meet in search of Christmas treasures. If you dig through the mountains of turquoise, dream catchers, and other southwestern paraphernalia you can actually find some neat stuff. As an added bonus there is a snack bar with live entertainment! If you've never been, I encourage you to visit.


announ... announce... ANNOUNCEMENT!

It's been a secret for long enough! We decided to wait till we visited our parents this Christmas to spill the beans. In case they couldn't tell by my protruding belly, I made this shirt for Landon to clarify the news.