celebrity look alike

During my usual blog stalking I noticed many people comparing pictures of themselves and/or loved ones to celebrities. I admit, I've gone to the site with confidence that I would be directly matched with all of Hollywood's finest looking women. You can imagine my disappointment after being completely blindsided with the results that yielded mainly men, with top bragging rights going to Lucille Ball (post I Love Lucy). The truth shall set you free, right? In order to prevent any readers from becoming covetous, I have opted not to post my look-a-like results. However, I've been meaning to post my own comparison involving Landon. With all this celebrity matching, and a recent post by my sis-in-law Erica I have been re-inspired to do so.

Bonus points for naming Landon's celebrity twin.


the worst

Well the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened! Actually, I'm sure there are worse things, but this is still pretty bad. MY CAMERA BROKE! That's right, broke! It still takes pics and everything seems to work, except the focus. So everything ends up blurry. This is very depressing because I carry my camera with me everywhere, and usually find very interesting people/things to capture. Until we get it fixed I will just steal pictures off the Internet to illustrate our family happenings. Since moving down I have had the opportunity to teach a dance class at my sister, EmmaLee's dance studio. It has been so much fun to get back into dancing again. Today the girls performed at the County Fair. Talk about memories! Not too long ago it was me and my friends on the stage performing. Besides the gimlets trying to run the sound equipment, the show went pretty smoothly. Afterwards we enjoyed all the fair had to offer... or at least tried to enjoy it. We only lasted about an hour once the show was over. Just enough time to choke down a very deceiving corndog, and go on one ride. It was hot, dirty, and extremely overpriced. Not to mention the flocks of Carnies pestering you to throw darts and other objects in their impossible games for the chance to win dirty, flea infested stuffed animals. Apparently anyone can work there, no brain, no limbs, no problem! Now that's the kind of person I want setting up and operating life threatening rides. Not exactly how I remember the Fair, I guess the "magic" dies with age... or maybe it was never really magic. Here's hoping the State Fair will actually deliver.