luck o' the irish

They do a really big St Patrick's celebration/parade in New Haven so after church we decided to head down. We were all dressed in our green, and ready to sit in the sun for the parade. Landon was SO EXCITED to see a real parade since watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on tv. Since we decided to stay for all of church then head down, we got there after the parade started. We searched for parking for about a half hour in down town New Haven on old streets the size of sidewalks. Perhaps we were a little too excited when we finally found a spot, and while quickly switching lanes this happened.Since we weren't ticketed, and the other driver was promptly arrested for using a suspended license we will (hopefully) only be responsible for our damage. Everyone was unharmed, except for some adult egos and maybe Landon's spirits... all of which were fixed with a stop at McDonald's on the way home.