I tried to be domestic, and failed miserably. Our ward had a dessert auction to raise money for the YM/YW camps. I thought triple chocolate pretzels with caramel sounded easy enough. WRONG. I restrained my inner fat-girl and didn't even taste test. The downside to this was by the time I got to this stage I realized I had cooked the caramel too long, and ended up with hundreds of crunchy sticks. They were beautiful, but hard as rocks. I couldn't offer them for public consumption, let alone sell them to some helpless member of our new ward. I even made cute tags to cut out and tie around each batch. After throwing out hours of work and pounds of chocolate and caramel, I defaulted to brownies. Live and learn.

raspberry picking

Today we picked fresh raspberries with friends at Lyman Orchards in Middlefield.


six flags

Sam's friend from class got season passes for his family to Six Flags, so naturally we followed suit. At only 40min away this will make a great option for Landon and I to kill some time since Sam studies... constantly. We went up last Tuesday and had such a blast. I was surprised/thrilled at how many rides they have for small kids. Landon goes on all the big rides that he can with us, and loves it! I will admit I was nervous our raft was going to flip and crush Landon, but we came out just fine... SOAKED, but fine. We didn't even venture into the water park, but I am sure we will be spending the majority of our summer there.

Our first trip to Six Flags was a total success! I wish I could say the same about our second...

Actually the rain cleared out the park, and then cleared up so we were free to ride Landon's new favorite as many times as humanly possible. And we did.


memorial day

Our ward (which is the best, btw) had a picnic for Memorial Day. It was at the most beautiful park. We ate delicious BBQ, played at the playground, and watched Sam play softball. When we got home we did Sparklers and made S'mores on the stove. Since Sam had the day off we got to spend the whole day together and had a blast!