Landon is finally 2 years old! Sometimes we forget that he is so young, since he's been the size of a 6 year old for a long time. We had a few people over for pizza and cake to celebrate Landon's big day. Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera, so most of these are from my crappy phone. I also forgot to buy candles. I guess I'm out of the running for this year's Mom of the Year Award.


Landon likes numbers, and he finds them everywhere.

He could do this for hours!


july 4th

On a whim, Sam and I decided to head to California this year to celebrate Independence Day. Our trip was perfectly suited for this holiday because it was our first "independent" trip, just our little family. We stayed in a really nice hotel and had a great time, but we sure learned a lot! Kids need naps! Well our kid does, anyway. We went to Huntington Beach along with billions of other people for the 4th. There was a big parade, and a carnival set up along Main St. It was all lovely, including the 5 mile walk from where we had to park. Luckily Sam's good friend, Chong met up with us at the beach and drove us back to our car at the end of the day. We also visited Downtown Disney for some shopping and were very happy Landon didn't know what he was missing as we posed for pictures outside the gates. It was SO crowded, even if we had planned to enter Disneyland, we wouldn't have. Sam jokes that my favorite part of the trip was the food, and he's probably right! We ate some delicious meals that weekend, but my personal favorite goes to breakfast at Sugar Shack. Landon is such a trooper and whined way less than I did during the drive. I foresee many more family trips in the future!


Erica and her girls have been in town while Richard is off gallivanting around Europe. Not too long ago Landon was very frightened by Ruby, but now he seems to have grown fond of his closest cousin.

summer so far

Thus far our summer has been pretty mellow, just how it should be if you ask me! A lot of cousins, a lot of time with grandma, even more Hammond birthdays, and plenty of trips to Nat's pool to cool off.

Father's Day

Sam's 2nd Father's Day