super saturday

Back in July we went with a group of friends on quite the adventure! We headed to Massachusetts and started the day off at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

Then we headed up the road to Magic Wings butterfly conservatory.

We made a quick stop for the best ice cream and chocolate in the world.

Before heading home we went to the Yankee Candle Co. Headquarters. This store was amazing! They had an entire Christmas village set up. Landon made us sit through the entire creepy animatronic show... twice. We even got to dip our own candles!

We have already done so many fun things in the short time we've been here. We are so lucky to have great new friends and can't wait to do more exploring with them!


it's great to be 3... or is it?

Landon turned 3! I say this every time he has a birthday, but I can't believe how big my baby is getting. Landon keeps us on our toes, and is sure to make us laugh throughout the day. He is truly a light in our lives. On Sunday we had a small party with some of our new friends. Then on his real birthday we headed to Six Flags for some rides, and fried Oreos.
Landon eventually got over this traumatic experience and enjoyed the rest of his birthday!



I am well aware that this post is premature, but with Sam's next semester looming (and looking busier than ever) it looks like I will have some extra free time on my hands. In short- it's time to craft.

I've made our Halloween costumes the last 2 years and plan to continue as long as Landon will cooperate. I am drawing a blank this year and need some inspiration. Here is what I have so far:

David the Gnome- I found a great pattern for this. Syndrome from Incredibles- This is Landon's exact body, and with his hair grown out I think we can achieve this look.
The Mad Hatter- not sure which version (I would be Alice... yes, I still dress up)Which idea do you like best?? OR do you have a better one?!


just coloring

After yelling upstairs to Landon, "What are you doing?", I should have jumped at his answer, "just coloring". He's always been really good about following the rules, so I didn't think twice about giving my 3yr old a pack of markers for his dry erase board.
Fast-forward 10min, I hear Landon asking me for some clothes. I figured he just wanted some shorts on. He must have been tired of waiting and decided it would be better to just color some on instead. Lately he's been all about drawing cars, after cleaning off his body I found this little treat in his bed.