I tried to have Easter all ready to go before having Crew since afterwards I wouldn't be able to do much. I sewed up some baskets for the boys, and took Landon to an egg hunt with a thousand other kids at the park by our house. The city hides millions of filled plastic eggs all around the play-scape then lets the "kids" run free and gather them up. I say "kids" because that is who the egg hunt is for. However, I had to fight many adults who's grocery sack "baskets" were FULL, just to scrape up a couple eggs for Landon. Afterward he wondered why his basket wasn't full like all the moms around. It made me pretty sad, if I hadn't been 9 months pregnant I might have been a little more aggressive or even caused some ruckus. Landon did get to meet the Easter bunny so at least he left happy.
Landon was spoiled all week by Grandma Terry, and then again by the Easter bunny Sunday morning. I myself found a nice surprise in my basket, and I'm not just talking about all the Lindor chocolate. Sam gave me rubies for Landon's birth and diamonds this year for Crew, I love my birthstone rings!


Crew Taylor Shumway

Choosing a name is always the hardest thing for Sam and I to agree on. After discussing prospective names for months we both immediately liked the name Crew. After that we didn't ever discuss it, so Crew it is! Taylor is Sam's brother's name and also my mom's maiden name, so double family points for his middle name. (I'm going to forget that Crew and Taylor are both main characters in Sam's favorite childhood movie, Rad, and tell myself that had no influence on Sam's decision in naming our son.)From the beginning I was apprehensive about having a repeat C-section. I really preferred to have a VBAC, but was not given that option. In fact, (in my opinion) a lot of things are lacking when it comes to east coast heath care. I don't have the energy to rant about all that now, but let's just say I won't be having any more babies out here.I can't complain about the actual delivery, it was the 9 months prior to the delivery that were so frustrating. I was scheduled for an 8am C-section on Monday April 18th. We arrived at 6am to start the pre-op paper work, IV, etc. At exactly 8am I was wheeled into the OR and given a spinal block. This went WAY better than my epidural with Landon. By 8:10 I was numb and sliced open and Sam was allowed in the room. The Dr was assisted by his PA which was cool to see what might be in store for Sam in the next few months, he also walked Sam through the whole procedure because he knew Sam was a student. I tried to block everything out and just relax, at one point the nurse said, "Maybe she doesn't want to hear about all that." I didn't really mind, I think it's all pretty interesting. By 8:23 the baby was out and crying loudly. I hardly felt any pressure or tugging during the delivery, as I did with Landon. As soon as I saw Crew, I said, "He's tiny!". The dr informed me that at a week early, he was NOT tiny at 8lbs 13oz. Crew also looks just like Landon... just less chubby. Over all I was VERY pleased with how quick and comfortable the delivery went!The next 4 days were not as comfortable. Sam was there for the delivery, then had to run to school for a 4 hour lab. Terry and Landon came to visit, and my good friend Katie. After the first day I had no visitors... and was quite happy about it! I was able to sleep and hold my baby. With the exception of severe pain every time I moved and a couple crazy nurses the whole birth experience was quite pleasant.

visit from granny shumway

Sam's angel mom faced her worst fear and flew out to see us, and help with the new baby. She came out a couple days before baby was born so we were able to have some fun. I'm in the young women's presidency and this year the youth were in charge of the ward's annual dessert auction. We worked really hard getting everything together and I'm glad we got to share the evening with Grandma Terry.

Sam has become great friends with the Elders in our ward, he invites them over for dinner often. It was so nice to have them over to help Sam give me a pre delivery blessing!With Sam back at school and me in the hospital, Terry and Landon were able to spend a LOT of time together over the next week. We are so grateful and lucky to have such wonderful family!