I picked the wrong week to start dieting this year. My mom and I started the F Factor diet the week before Easter. It's basically a high fiber low carb diet. The first two weeks are pretty strict but well worth the 9lb loss! Needless to say my Easter basket was more of a fruit basket this year. Landon was spoiled rotten as usual and had a blast searching for eggs with his cousins.


The boys took my dad to NASCAR this year for his birthday. Why anyone wants to watch a bunch of cars drive in a circle for 500 miles is beyond me. It must be one of those "guy" things, along with every other sport. Sam said it was amazing and insists that I go next time. I'm glad they had such a great time, but does NASCAR even come to Connecticut? Oh darn!
On a slightly different note, we took Landon to race some cars of our own. The Indy cars at Golfland are his new favorite activity. The operator had no problem believing Landon was 3 yrs old. He loves to go as fast as possible, so he rides with dad. I still like to brake around corners (and other cars).

dear hot wheels...

Why must you make over 2 billion different tiny cars? Furthermore, I was wondering why you price them just low enough for me to justify buying one for Landon EVERY time we go to the store. Since they are sold everywhere I pray every time we walk into a store that Landon won't remember to ask/whine for one. He loves these cars more than anything and lights up whenever he gets a chance to play with them, even if it means taking one to bed. As of now we have over 50 and every single one has a name. (Even as I type this, Landon is insisting on "racing" Beetle and Hummer as close to the keyboard as he can get.) I am thrilled that such an inexpensive toy can keep my boy entertained for hours. However, my days of being suckered are over! Hot Wheels have a new purpose, they happen to make the perfect bribe for Landon to use the potty. Simply post a car on the wall near the toilet and suddenly he wants to poop on the potty. He has earned 3 cars this way, and hopefully many many more!



I consider St. Patrick's Day one of those fake holidays. This year however, we decided to go green. Don't worry, I am no more Eco friendly than before, I am speaking literally. My friend Sara, and I flew out of the desert and across the country to much greener pastures. We went to visit our good friend Posey, who lives in Savannah Georgia. It was beautiful, everywhere you look is green. There are so many trees you can barely see the sky. We were able to attend the St. Patty's parade, and some other fun festivities going on that week. It was so good to get a break and spend time with great friends. I got to try fried alligator (chewy) and my new favorite, fried green tomatoes!
There was also a lovely beach nearby.
This was my first ferry ride, on our way to the parade.