i must be crazy

I don't run. Running hurts too much. In fact, I don't even exercise that often! So why did I sign up to run a marathon? The only excuse I can come up with, is that I have officially gone crazy. I have always admired those odd people who think running is fun. I truly hope that 7 months is enough time to transform me into one of them. I think it's healthy to set goals, so why not go big? Well, "big" enough. I think a full marathon would warrant institution. Don't worry I won't be alone, I've signed up with seasoned runners (just to add a little more pressure). Thank goodness for my in-laws, 2009 was beginning to look like the return of Amy, the couch potato. I am actually really motivated, then again, it's only day 3 of "training". I hear running is supposed to make you happy, some nonsense about endorphins. This could be good, and we all know any excuse for a trip to Disneyland is well worth it... right?