it's not a box...

it happens to be a throne, a car, a tunnel or just something to kick. Surely it's Landon's favorite thing at the moment. I think for Christmas this year Santa will raid the dumpsters for cardboard.


a pirate's life for me

Today my dance class performed at the San Tan Mall. A bunch of stores were celebrating their one year anniversaries, and Dance Defined was invited to provide the entertainment. It turned out really well, for a last minute show!



Saturday night we met up with the fam and went to a corn-maze/pumpkin patch. It was alright, for an overpriced "pumpkin not included" evening. The teeter-totter was probably the best part, with the 2 dirty farm animals and "pizza garden" taking a close second. I am proud to announce that while most of the fam bailed out of the maze early, Sam, my mom, and I persevered and found all 6 of the hidden punches. We had fun, would I call it amazing? Not quite.




No, I am not pregnant...
but 2 members of my family are. Who made up the rule about only getting ONE baby shower? I don't like it. Both were embarrassed to have a Shower (since they already have kids), but since it's been a while since either of these ladies have had a baby they were pretty needy for newborn items. This gave us the perfect excuse to throw a small Surprise Shower. My crafty side definitely got the better of me, as I took on these fun projects:

Ok, fine. I won't take credit for the baby carriage fruit, that was my mom. We had so much fun planning and getting everything ready. Sam and I got to do a session at the temple with Em and Ray to distract her while the party was getting under way. I am pleased to announce that she was genuinely surprised! Thanks to all who showed up to help these sistas out!


hot diggity dog

Saturday morning we woke with no plans for the day. We've been wanting to get Landon a wagon, so I thought we could save a buck and spend some quality family time by rummaging through some garage sales. We grabbed some cash along with Landon's best muscle tee, and we were off. Unfortunately we didn't find any wagons, in fact we really didn't find anything great. Maybe because we didn't get started until after 10am. Apparently that is when most garage sales are finishing up. Next time I get the itch to dig through others garbage, we will (in true Lari fashion) leave at the crack of dawn. The day was not a total loss, we did have a fabulous lunch at good old Higley Hot Dog. It was delicious as always and a new family favorite. Buff joined us, and they didn't even complain when she paid for her $4 meal, with dimes, nickels and pennies. Now that's great service!