Goodbye 928!

It was a sad day for me as we left our old place on 928 South. We were lucky to live there for as long as we did, but I guess it was a little too good to be true. Our new apartment SUCKS!!! Ok, its not that bad. We spent 2 days moving all our stuff to the top floor of our new complex, and the majority of it is still in boxes and hasn't moved. Im too tired to think about unpacking so, it's been a very slow process. Sam is very busy studying for the MCAT and Im not allowed to interrupt. Plus, any energy I would have is quickly sucked away by this growing child inside of me! I am excited to get all settled again, it just might have to wait till this weekend. We are in a much better neighborhood now, and who knows, maybe we won't be the only people under the age of 100 in our new ward?!

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Dick&Erica said...

I hate moving! You should put a picture of yourself up so we can see your baby bump.