Thanks Erica for tagging me. It makes me feel special, like I have friends! Plus now I get to talk about myself. So 7 random facts about me, huh? Here goes:

1. I love food. Actually it is the center my world revolves around. I'm sure I will eventually be obese, which will drive Sam to leave me, but I can't help it. I love every kind and have cravings even when I'm not pregnant. My favorite thing to do is to go out to eat and I get really depressed when nobody is hungry, because I feel like I'm always starving.

2. While still on the subject of food, If you've ever eaten with me you may have noticed I can never finish the last bite. Not just of my meal, I don't finish anything I eat/drink. Sam is very annoyed at finding cups around with one swallow left in the bottom. Others have found half eaten chips or cookies put back in the bag. I don't know why. It may be my subconscious thinking it will keep me from getting fat. I always envy the skinny girls who were full after 2 bites of their meal, and maybe I'm trying to be like them. TO MY DEFENSE, I don't even realize I do it, until someone comments on it. I'm not a pervert who likes to spread germs, I just have a mental problem.

3. LAST food comment I swear! But I feel the exact same way as Erica about milk sharing. It is a complete "no, no"! You CANNOT see through it, therefore, WHY would I risk drinking someone else's floaties?! Also, milk must only be drunk extremely chilled. The heat from a stranger's hand on the cup alone will raise the temperature just enough to contaminate it.

4. I am smart. I know many of you may disagree with this. HOWEVER, I know that I am. I will admit that I don't always act like it. It is so much easier to play the dumb card and not have to explain things, so I often take that route. I guess I am also a hypocrite, because I hate stupid people... Ok, hate is a strong word. I am annoyed easily at people who simply do not understand things. I get frustrated when common sense is not applied. I will have no friends after this post is read. (NOT implying my friends are stupid, only that I am a snot.)

5. I have road rage. Utah drivers are the WORST! Rude, people trying to get a few seconds ahead. Nobody lets anyone over, yet they do not hesitate to cut you off. Stop signs are there for a reason. STOP if you see one, it's easy. And they all drive stupid yuppie cars covered in liberal, pica, vegan, "protect wild Utah" stickers. This only adds to the rage. Don't think that its just cars here. BIKERS are even worse. They wouldn't bug me so bad, except for their double standard thinking. They act as cars when they want to ride right in front of your car at 15mph, then when they feel like being a pedestrian they go on ignoring all traffic laws, because as we all know, pedestrians do have the right of way.

6. I cry while watching TV. I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. I cry in every episode, and like it. I also think that I am part of the show. I know its all pretend, but they would all be my best friends I just know it!

7. I am shy. Well, I don't know if its shy as much as lazy. I just think it takes A LOT of energy to have a conversation with someone I don't know. I don't like being fake because I know I don't do it well. Why do I feel like I have to be fake? I don't know. I just get uncomfortable and this fake, exhausting person comes out. I realize this is something I need to work on if I ever hope to make friends.

Ok, now that I have revealed my horrible traits its your turn! Posey, Ashley, Buff, and Jessica you are TAGGED!


dan and ashley said...

wow.. i just learned 7 new things about you! i thought i knew it all after what- 15 years!?!! can you believe that's how long we've known each other?! those were interesting facts about you.. thanks for the tag

Jake and Lynn Halladay said...

you crack me up....thanks for the little peak into your life, I thought it was great!!! I couldn't agree more about the milk thing!:)

your favorite big cool swell neat brother said...

i met some boy that knows sam. he is from st george and starting dental school. but i don't know his name. shehananahan or something like that.

Posey Cowart said...

I'm not even going to lie and say thanks for the tag! hahah now I have to hurt my brain and try to think of seven things about me! THIS MIGHT TAKE A WHILE!

Nicole Cave said...

If I ever buy you a present I guess you are one of those people that would love a gift card out to eat somewhere!!