the dark knight

We, along with some family members ordered our tickets for The Dark Knight; The IMAX Experience months prior to the July 17th midnight showing. We arranged for overnight babysitting, we even arrived at the theatre hours in advance to secure a good seat. You can imagine our disappointment upon arrival to find that amid the 50% full auditorium EVERY seat was "saved", mostly in rows at a time. After confirming with the manager that seat saving was NOT allowed, we sought out the most prime of seats and (all 6 of us) chose to sit down despite the fools that claimed, "those seats were taken". We ignored the name calling and threats that accompanied this action, and after an hour it mostly stopped. We weren't the only ones upset by the ridiculous amount of seats being saved because after we sat down several managers came in and announced the rules. They had to do this a couple of times, because it was really hard to understand that one person CANNOT save an entire row. The movie was awesome, and the crazies who dressed up were almost as good! Who would have thought that the IMAX experience would include a real live blood bath, and special appearance by the "Hulk"!


Nicole Cave said...

We went and saw this too on the 18th. It was still crazy that night. Charlie and Mary got there early and saved us a seat...I am sure you hate hearing that. But I was greatful...it was a great seat and a good show.

Melinda Pink said...

Good for you guys. That is ridiculous!