saving grace

I'm trying to be good, HOWEVER, I have a disease that makes it very hard. Immediately following any meal, it is absolutely necessary for me to eat something sweet. No matter how full I stuff myself there is ALWAYS room for dessert. I've tried to ignore this craving, but it is simply too strong. Therefor I consider it a disease, and diseases mustn't go untreated. Luckily I have found these little jewels which actually suffice quite nicely. In fact I think they're delicious.

*Beware; there is a close cousin of these little treats out there that are AWFUL! Trust me, stay away from the Rice Cakes!


RhondaLue said...

Those are yummy. I don't like the caramel flavored ones but they also have the ones that are supposed to be like a chip substitute, I like the nacho cheese one. mmm mmm good.

Cory & Kristyn said...

my problem is i can sit down with a bag of chips and eat the entire freaking bag!!! (full size not snack size) and yes i have to have something sweet after i eat, even if its the chips. i found these little rice cakes a few weeks ago, i now eat a full bag of them.

bean said...

Amy, I too have this disease!!!! It is good to know that someone else is suffering the same way I am. We should have a support group.

Melinda Pink said...

Hey I like the support group idea!
Its hard to say no to sweets, ecspecially since I always feel I deserve them. Just like now I am eating a pack of powdered donuts to reward myself for making it back from Utah with out killing my kids. Meal or no meal I need my sweets.