Saturday night we met up with the fam and went to a corn-maze/pumpkin patch. It was alright, for an overpriced "pumpkin not included" evening. The teeter-totter was probably the best part, with the 2 dirty farm animals and "pizza garden" taking a close second. I am proud to announce that while most of the fam bailed out of the maze early, Sam, my mom, and I persevered and found all 6 of the hidden punches. We had fun, would I call it amazing? Not quite.


ajwhet10 said...

The amazing part is you on the teeter-totter! And the Heads-in-the-garden-mural are totally fun! Thanks making me smile!

Melinda said...

Aww your family does awesome stuff together. You guys are funny to be around and to watch...heehee. jk

Kambria Smith said...

was this the corn maze that's in the shape of larry king's face? that one the corn was all withered so you could just walk through "walls"...lame! Landon's getting so big!