merry christmas

Right before the Elves brought our new Christmas Eve PJ's we had a family talent show. My dad shared one of his childhood Christmas traditions. He used to perform this song with his sibs using homemade puppets. It was fun to watch the grand kids participate in an old tradition.
Many lovely talents were shared. For mine I shared a video which, as quoted by my mom, is "'R' rated, and pornographic". So naturally, I'll post it here.
We started a new Christmas Eve tradition this year, a White Elephant gift exchange for the adults. Porcelain Renaissance bunny Disco Ball (it really works!)
Fancy Grills Faerie Tale Theatre commemorative tee
Decorative Soaps, so you can shower with Mom & Buff
It was so nice to be able to get up at 9am Christmas morning. Everybody was spoiled rotten by Santa!


Melinda said...

You are great Amy...you crack me up. You had such fun things going on at The Smith house...we should of joined you guys.

Good to see you last Sunday. And red had a blast with Sam going shooting.

dan and ashley said...

that baywatch video is hilarious! and i LOVE the soaps!