While I usually don't support mundane posts about television shows, my camera remains packed and my blog is in desperate need of an update.

Our family supports Adam Lambert... FULLY! (yes, Sam included)
As for all you haters, are you deaf?? I just put all his Idol performances onto my ipod. He is fantastic... eyeliner, nail polish, Ring of Fire, and all!


Bitter Larry said...

The Stephens are absolutely with you. He's pretty good. Don't know if Steven/Ray have gotten you guys to listen to any Muse yet, but I think he needs to sing a Muse song.

Melinda said...

AMEN SISTA!! HE's got my vote too.

Posey Cowart said...

I may have to boycott your blog now!! j/k I think you are just going through a quarter life crisis!

Sara Nixon said...

EWW!EWW!EWW! He is a homo! and I am aloud to say that. I feel molested by his eyes everytime he sings.

dan and ashley said...

we cant be friends anymore
ha you're the only friend that likes him!