Landon is finally 2 years old! Sometimes we forget that he is so young, since he's been the size of a 6 year old for a long time. We had a few people over for pizza and cake to celebrate Landon's big day. Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera, so most of these are from my crappy phone. I also forgot to buy candles. I guess I'm out of the running for this year's Mom of the Year Award.


Shumway said...


Melinda said...

It was fun! Thanks for inviting us. Landon is the cutest big-little boy EVER. I love him! I had no idea he is so smart too! What you are doing with him is more important than whether you remembered candles or not.

Your home is beautiful! Happy for you.

Stew and Terry said...

I want more pics. Love you Landon!