Labor Day

We met Sam's family in California for Labor Day weekend. More importantly for the big race, or what I like to call Doom's Day, but more on that later. We stayed in a hotel right by the beach and were able to do a bunch of fun things, like visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.

We then hopped onto a shuttle and toured the Queen Mary, which is one of my favorite hotels. It's haunted and we got to tour some of the scary places in the ship. Sam's Grandmother actually sailed to the United States from Scotland on this very ship, with all the war brides long ago. She has the best accent!

Beach days. I left Landon's hat in the hotel so I tried to smear gallons of sunscreen on his head. When that didn't work, a memory from my childhood slipped into my mind. I remember seeing my dad tie a hankie around his head (not the cool pirate way) to form a hat while he did yard work. I did my best to replicate the "hat", but it ended up looking like a pirate anyway.


McKell said...

I wanna hear about the race! Cause ya know I'm "training"!

Melinda said...

Ya post on the race. What a cool get away....lucky you!