i did it!

My mother in law, Terry is in better shape than I ever was/will be. When I heard she and my sis in law Jocelyn, AKA Bean had signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon I followed suit, since in shape is something I aspire to be someday. Keep in mind I did this 7 months before the actual race, thinking I would have plenty of time to train. At first my training went pretty well, I would ride my bike to the gym every day and run. We then bought a house which for some reason contributed to my getting "too busy" to do anything, especially run. Fast Forward to 3 weeks before the race, and suddenly it hits me that if I try to run 13.5 miles I will die. It was really important that I accomplish this goal, so I started my accelerated "training" program. I knew that my original plan of running the whole thing was never going to happen, so I would run and speed walk everyday before the big race accumulating 28+ miles a week. Keep in mind this was in August in AZ. Pure Hell. Unfortunately the key is speed since the pace car would pick you up and dump you in the Pinocchio lot if you were going too slow. Fortunately, that pace car was only moving at 15 minute miles. We all started out together at 4am and before the 1st mile marker Terry had left Bean and I in the dust. We stayed together for a while until Bean had to take a pit stop. At that point my goal was to speed up and try to catch Terry. I ended up running most of the race, only walking when my knees were on fire. I loved it! It really was fun, and I felt so good... until about mile 11. At this point I was sure my feet were bleeding, and that the cartilage in my knees had disintegrated. Needless to say, this is when I did most of my walking (but not too slowly, we were all scared of ending up with Pinocchio). The streets were scattered with people encouraging you the whole way, but for the last mile they were completely lined with crowds. With people shouting your name and cheering you on it's hard to just mosey on through, so I jogged (which probably looked more like a horse trotting) the last mile through the finish line. I never did catch up with Terry because she stopped to get her picture taken with Alice and I passed her without noticing. Will I ever run a full marathon? NO. However, now that it's been 2 months since the race I would definitely consider another half! Congratulations, if you've read this entire post you've completed your own marathon of sorts.


After! Yes, my shirt is drenched in sweat.

"Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish, which trumps Did Not Start."


Em said...

Impressive! I love the quote!

McKell said...

Good job Amy! You look like you are in shape silly!

vinyl dreams said...

That's awesome!! I hope to be as cool as you some day! :) What a fun race to do, too. Did you walk around Disneyland after wards? Or did you just crash?

Melinda said...


Britt and Rick said...

Holy cow! You guys are amazing! I had no idea Terry or any of you were into running! I'm aspiring and reading your post just got me pretty excited!

Nicole Cave said...

You guys are great. Didn't Terry play Alice back in the day!?