black friday

I've never been a hardcore black Friday enthusiast. I have braved the early crowds occasionally, but more as company for those much more excited about it. This year however, I wear the label. It started Thanksgiving evening after sifting through mountains of store ads. A rumor was floating around the house that malls were handing out $50 gift cards. This sounded too good to be true, but upon further research we found it totally legit. We headed out. Our plan was to first hit Toys R Us and grab one thing for Landon, then head to the mall which shares a parking lot with Toys. They both opened at midnight and we showed up maybe 15 min early. BIG mistake. The line to get into Toys was wrapped around the entire building, twice. FREAKS! We ditched that idea and jumped into a not so long line at one of the many mall entrances. There was only one rule. Spend a combined total of $100 at any stores in the mall, and you get a $50 Westcore gift card. Sam dashed to Footlocker while I ran (literally) to the redemption line. Just my luck, in line I was surrounded by Chatty Kathy on one side, and Gothopotamus on the other. Sam joined me minutes later, and there we sat in my equivalent to hell for 2 HOURS! The worst part of the whole thing was the horrible dj they had set up in the center of the line that kept reminding us that quantities were limited and we were not guaranteed the gift card. Finally the last 15 minutes they started handing out tickets the the 1st 400 people in line. Wahoo! We got our gift card, then I went to meet up with my mom for some more shopping! I still don't consider myself die hard, but I'm always up for a good bargain!

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Lari said...

Is a gothopotamus a fat goth girl? Scarey. I am so proud of you and your shopping prowess