We were able to spend 2 weeks with Sam's family in St. George this year. We had such a good time getting caught up friends and visiting with everyone.

Gingerbread housesLandon was thrilled to participate in his 1st live Nativity.

Christmas ElvesSanta spoiled everyone!(More on this later...)

The boys rode bikes and cars in the unfinished basement for hours everyday. This resulted in about 6 pairs of ruined socks.

Landon travels so well. This is one ways he entertained himself during the ride home.


Jacob and Natalli said...

fort in the car.. good idea!
Jacob's new favorite thing to say: "holy moley. It's huge!"

McKell said...

Is a congrats to Sam in order?

RegaNater said...

Merry Christmas Shumways!!!! Amy, when are we gonna play? am I gonna have to camp out at Joanns in order to see you ever?

Em said...

Enjoy dressing that boy up while you still can! The poor child looks like a fortune teller or Aunt Jemima instead of a wise man!!!

Melinda said...

Looks like FUN!! Landon looks so big on his bike. I like his travel tent...good idea!