the city

Last weekend we decided to spend the day in New York City. Sam had never been so we took advantage of his day off. We went a few days before Thanksgiving and the whole city was set up for the parade. We stayed near the south end of Central Park and were able to see so many cool things.

Central ParkWollman Ice RinkSerendipity

After downing our famous frozen hot chocolates we decided we needed a little sugar...

Dylan's Candy BarThe steps were filled with candy
Rockefeller Tree (being decorated) Times Square
Landon loved it, although he did ask Sam to carry him quite often. We came home and crashed, we were so tired. I tried to map everywhere we went and it totalled about 5 miles of walking. We can't wait to go back and see more of the sights.


Posey Cowart said...

I spent like 3 hours in that candy store! Love all the pics

Kell said...

aw... i'd love to go there! are you liking your new residence?!

Kambria Smith said...

fun! we're totally coming to visit...eventually. Is it still cold there in April?

Stew and Terry said...

Amazing photos! Amazing things to see that we only get to hear about!