shumway family christmas tree

A classmate of Sam's grew up on a Christmas tree farm in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. After Thanksgiving she invited a few families from class up to the farm to pick out and cut down a tree. Sam has been dreaming of doing this for as long as I can remember. Since we've never lived anywhere near a real tree farm I pushed it to the back of my mind and to Sam's dismay purchased a pre-lit gem on clearance one year. It was SO COLD, and even though I honestly think my eyes froze we had a great time. Our hosts were beyond gracious and not only let Landon drive the tractor pulling us and all our trees, they also fed us lunch, cookies, and hot cocoa! We are amazed at how blessed we have been here to meet and make such great friends.

When we got home that evening I realized I was outnumbered and gave up trying to have a beautiful tree. Sam and Landon took over the decorating- colored lights and all! Landon's favorite new activity is to turn off all the house lights, roll under the Christmas tree, and stare at the colorful lights.


Kell said...

gorgeous tree! i think we have the same tree skirt :) that sounds like such a blast but everytime i think of someone cutting down their own tree, i think of 'christmas vacation'.

Stew and Terry said...