Since this happened...We decided to pass on season passes to Six Flags this year and have our car door replaced (which sadly, was the equivalent of about 32 season passes to Six Flags). On our way to Joann's the other day Landon noticed through his tears (he now cries at the sight of a Joann's store) this Carnival set up in the parking lot. We decided to take him that weekend for a night on the town. Landon got to choose 3 rides to go on, while I watched in fear for his life. He loved every second of it- misspelled rides, blaring hip hop music, scantily clad teens, and all! Not quite the Six Flags adventures we had last summer, but he still talks about "The Carnival" all the time.


Kambria Smith Robinson said...

Me too, Landon. Me too.

Melinda said...

Buy that boys a six flags pass....Who needs a door anyways....LOL