killing time

Living in such a crappy climate has forced me to become creative with activities for Landon. That lasted about 2 days. We got sick of rotting away in our apartment so we signed Landon up for as many classes as we could afford. Here's what he and I have been up to. While I craft Landon does puzzles, etc. He's gotten so good at the states puzzle he no longer puts the pieces into the frame, he dumps them out and arranges them on the floor. This probably proves that I craft too much.
I made binding out of the yellow stripe fabric (not pictured) and actually finished the last piece of crib bedding, here's the quilt.
Landon goes to preschool twice a week. They do tons of art projects... am I supposed to keep them all??? Sports class at the YMCA. Soccer, basketball, and baseball with 3 year olds... CHAOS!Sam takes Landon to the free kids building day once a month at Home Depot.Swimming lessons- we should have started this a LONG time ago. Landon has been begging to wear shorts for 2 months now. One sunny day we went for a walk. I forget sunny doesn't always mean warm, notice the snow jacket. I snuck away one Saturday and joined the ward for a trip to the Boston Temple. It was SO nice.We jump for joy when the weather hits 50 degrees, as that has become "warm" enough for us to play outside- that is IF there is no wind. It is April, no more snow... PLEASE!


Spenc, Nikki, and the Littles said...

I seriously love how crafty your are and how creative you have been with finding things for you and Landon to do.

Katie and Lane said...

Yes you are suppose to keep all the art projects.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

It snowed till June in Rexburg. I thought those were your hands in the first photo...like you were reaching from behind Landon.

cosmo and jenn said...

i'm embarrassed to know that your son is smarter then me. i dont think i could put the states together like that even if i had a cheat guide.. i just recently learned that new jersey was by new york. yeah. highschool graduate here.

RhondaLue said...

Jed thinks I'm a terrible mother because I throw away most all the kids art projects and pictures. But what the heck? I have six kids! I'd have to buy another house just to hold all the things they made!

Here's what we do: ooooo and awwww over how beautiful their paper,painting, drawing, project is. Next ask them if we can hang it on the fridge so EVERYONE can see it! Leave on fridge for one week. Throw away when kids are at school. This step is important: TAKE GARBAGE OUT WHILE KIDS ARE STILL AT SCHOOL. They will be unhappy if they find it in the garbage and then you'll have to lie about how you don't know how it got in the trash. The A/c must've blown it across the room into the garbage can or it somehow fell off the counter into it. ;)