apple harvest

Every year Southington, the town our ward buiding is in, has an Apple Harvest Festival. After hearing about their famous apple fritters (Sam's favorite treat) we decided not to miss it this year. Someone was raving about them to Sam at work, and told him "just to jump into the longest line we could see". We did, and sure enough it led to the most delicious treat I've had in a while. Fresh, warm, sugary apple fritters!

(This is us in line wrapped around the tent.) After our appetizers we walked around the many food tents and decided on huge cheesesteaks for lunch while we watched the parade.Landon thought the tiny Mason cars were so funny! He still laughs everytime we ask him about the parade.
We also got some pumpkins, and more importantly, pumpkin whoopee pies! Let's just say, I hope we're in town for next year's Apple Harvest!

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Kell said...

sounds awesome! i want some frakin' fritters, looks delish :) excuse my language but i am hungry!