who you gonna call?!

Landon became obsessed with the Ghostbusters movie earlier this year. So when we started thinking about Halloween costumes his choice was easy! Coincidentally the youth in Sam's church class have called Crew, "Stay Puft", since we brought him to church for the first time. We got plenty of use out of our costumes at various parties through out the week.Ward Trunk-or-Treat.The Shelley's Halloween partyGoody bags and treats I made for Landon's class party
Since this happened...the Governor tried to tell everybody that Halloween would be cancelled this year, and that nobody was to go trick-or-treating. We rebelled and Landon came home with a nice haul! To end things on a brighter note, this will be our last snowy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Calvin was a ghostbuster for Halloween last year! And yes Calvin is obsessed with those movies! Stay Puft is so stinkin cute!!!--Sam's cousin Mary:)

Kell said...

i remember way back when you made something similar to those pretzel things... witches hats??
anyway your family looks adorable with your ghostbuster theme :)

Katie and Lane said...

I love those kids of yours. They are such cute boys.

Stew and Terry said...

You are perfectly amazing!!!!