We love Jimmy Fallon!  I put in for tickets to his show in NYC a couple times and finally got lucky.  A couple of our friends came out for an AMAZING time, even though it rained all day.
After the first hour of trudging through the rain, we caved and bought "touristy" umbrellas

1 WTC near Ground Zero

 While waiting in line to get into the studio, one of the producers asked if we were huge Jimmy fans.  I thought it was a dumb question, but she invited us to come down onto the stage during the musical guest which was awesome (not so much the musical guest (who's name I can't remember) but being 2inches from Jimmy and on HIS stage)!  We also got to see Will Smith who was hilarious. We had SO much fun!!!

While Sara was in town for Jimmy we went to a few local spots for delicious food and sightseeing.

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