(hotdog) Bun in the oven!

In November we were surprised by a blue + on a plastic stick. 23 weeks later I still don't feel pregnant, that is except for this basketball sized protrusion on my body that's making my clothes snug. We are very excited for this upcoming addition. At 15 weeks we found out our little "bun" has a WIENER! This made Sam especially happy, as he no longer has to worry about being being out numbered by females. And the fear of joining my father in "PMS hell" has subsided... for now.


RegaNater said...

Hey did all those psycho paths teach you how to stalk too, cause your a total stalker! HA HA!
How the heck are you?

Dick&Erica said...

I'm jealous that you don't feel pregnant. I mostly just feel sick. You look really cute. By the way, saw your baby shower announcements...they're really nice. Sorry I can't be there.

posey said...

Here I am!