Our Class!

After serving in the nursery for a year, we were finally released. However, we were then immediately called to be teachers of the 5-6 year old class. Its been quite the calling. The kids are actually very entertaining. Opening prayers frequently include long stories and interesting requests. We love it! Our "lessons" usually last about 4 minutes before one of the kids interrupts with some random news about their week. Needless to say we spend most of the class coloring.


Dick&Erica said...

Richard and I taught the same class. We played lots of follow the leader and coloring. Once we had a girl tie herself to the table leg by her dress strings. Frustrating...but the most entertainment at church ever!

posey said...

um...I just got called to teach CTR 7! I never have been in priamry and I am scared. I just don't know about this.