Airborne... or not

Sam got an RC airplane from Santa (my parents) this Christmas. We had forgotten all about it until recently when we came across it while unloading all our crap. Today was really nice outside so we decided flying it at the park would be a great Sunday afternoon activity. After 45 minutes Sam finally had the thing put together and it was ready to take flight! Or so we thought. Sam thoroughly read the directions on how to "launch" the plane into the air, only it didn't quite go as planned. As he "launched" (threw) the plane it went about 2 feet and immediately crashed to the ground, breaking one of the wings instantly. He was devastated at the thought that this was it for the afternoon. So, using the only resources available and being the crafty son-of-a-gun that he is, Sam picked the tape off the airplane box and mended the broken wing. After several more attempts to get the plane airborne, we gave up. Needless to say, the airplane now rests in our dumpster. It wasn't a total waste of the afternoon, at least I was able to relax and get some much needed sun!


Dick&Erica said...

The same thing happened to Richard's on Christmas day. Unfortunately, he won't retire it to the dumpster. He is saving it in the hopes of fixing it (in other words, it's just cluttering up my house). At least Sam knows when to quit.

Lari said...

I guess we owe everybody Christmas presents!!! What a bunch of DUDS

Big Daddy said...

Next time let someone who knows how to fly them help you boys out!
Sam, it sounds like your front wings were too far forward, and it stalled out. You should have saved the guts of it all as you can get replacement wings.