Settled in!

Here we are 4 weeks after moving and just barely getting settled. Sam has been out of commission for the last month due to the MCAT and applications to med school. He won't find out how he did on the test for a while, so we're keeping our fingers crossed! Now that I have my husband back we are finally unpacking boxes and setting up house. We ventured to Draper on Saturday to hit up the new IKEA. I love that place! We got a bunch of stuff for baby's room and it's beginning to look less like a prison cell and more like a nursery! We also got a kitchen table!! This is fabulous news to me since we've been having meals at our 2x2 ft coffee table for the last while. I've almost forgotten how nice it is to sit in a chair to eat. Only 7 weeks to go on this bun I've got in the oven and we're counting down the days... Not to mention the sleepless nights! Does this ever end???



RegaNater said...

Cute Nursery, I really like it!
I think you are due at the same time as my sister Marlee.
What are you naming your baby by the way?

Dick&Erica said...

Ooooooh, I love baby's room! Ikea is the best. They have little kid table and chairs that I really want.
And by the way, the sleepless nights don't end for a few more months. Just stick to BabyWise and you'll be there before you know it. I am already starting to wake up all the time because I'm uncomfortable and I have a long way to go!
How does Sam think he did on the MCAT? Where did he apply? And that email you sent of your mom's makeover is the creepiest thing ever. I can only imagine the photoshopping your child is going to have done to him.

Nicole Cave said...

So cute and creative! Love decorating