The Good Life

The Smith Kids
(minus buff, who couldn't make it)

After we got home from California my family came up to Utah for my Grandma's funeral. My mom's mom died at the beginning of this month. She lived to be 95 years old, pretty impressive! For the last 8 years my mom has been taking care of her, so my family had the opportunity to get to know her pretty well. It was a beautiful funeral service, and really nice to have my family in town. Afterwards I got to fly to AZ and spend some more time with my family and friends. My mom wanted to re-decorate the room my grandma had lived in for those 8 years, and I was just in time to help! We peeled through 25 years of different wallpapers and gave the walls a much needed fresh coat of paint. The finished product turned out so cute! We did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. It wasn't all hard work, I did a lot of playing too. I got my hair done, thanks Ash! We went bowling one night, I WON! Not really, I think my high score for both games combined was 47. Perhaps I should be concerned with my total lack of coordination, but I guess it's ok if bowling is never my forte. My favorite part of the trip was catching up with good friends. No matter how long it's been, we always have the best time when we all get together.




(don't worry, the putrid chair will be re-covered)


RegaNater said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma. I must say that in that 14 month picture Landon looks so much like your husband. It's crazy how some pictures they look like one parent, and others they look like the other parent.

Posey Cowart said...

That room looks AMAZING!!!!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

that chair is MINE!!!!! don't you dare recover it. I love crusty rusty orange velvet!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

ps. love emma's Jr. High yearbook pose...and gilbert high clothing.

Nicole Cave said...

I like the putrid chair...it adds style!!

dan and ashley said...

nice buff being morphed into that pic! the room turned out good- i haven't seen that room in YEARS- obviously 8- i can't believe that! EVERYONEs copying our black girl idea these days :( oh well -we were the first! and they prob didn't shop at bealls! is that what it was called????

The Larsen's said...

That room is so cute! What a difference.

MindyRiggs said...

ok. first, had no idea you and cami were sisters. 2nd, i'm traci riggs (washburns) sister! no idea how i happened upon your blog, but i LOVE it. haha. you are totally a crack up in the way you describe EVERYTHING that happens! Thanks!

Mindy Riggs