mitchell's wedding

One of Sam's best mission buddies got married last week. I had the opportunity to get to know David while we lived in the same basement (for a few weeks) right after Sam and I got married... I know, it's a long story... kind of. Anyway, he was one of Sam's groomsmen in our wedding. Since David's wedding took place in Billings Montana, Sam got to take a road trip with some of his good friends, Chong and Dubois (Matt) from Utah. They rented this really cool car, and even got to sleep in a tent along the way! Knowing Sam, and the 2 other guys in the car I have no doubt that the majority of the conversations over the weekend were most likely "R" rated. I hear the scenery, and the wedding were beautiful! However, nothing compared to the company. Sam has endless stories, of fun stuff with the guys and 2 other couples they met up with there. I am so jealous I didn't get to go. Hopefully we'll get to see most of these guys at the next wedding on our agenda, in August.
* I realize this post would be much more exciting if told from first person perspective. IF Sam ever gets a free moment (highly unlikely) I will have him re-tell the story.

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Mckell and Matt said...

Sound like Sam had a good time. Do you still live in a basement?