If judging by my last midnight premiere experience, any wise person would steer clear. I am not wise. Come to find out, I am actually a 14 year old girl. We girls started the night at 6:30pm making our "super fan" shirts. After dinner we hopped into the longest line I've ever seen (for a movie anyway). After being seated for 3+ hours, the feature began. 2 words can sum up the movie (and the book for that matter) VERY CHEESY. Despite the cheesy-ness, I loved it. Or maybe it's just the actor that I love... yes, that's it. (don't worry, our marriage allows celebrity crushes) We had fun and will probably forget how NOT WORTH IT it was by the time the next movie in the series comes out.


Melinda said...

That is funny! You guys still look so young. Good for you. I am sure Sam was so dissapointed to be left out..heehee

McKell and Matt said...

I laughed my butt off at that shirt! Amy... I will seriously pay you for one on those - Really! How did you do it? You should email me so we can discuss this!