v day

Sam's parents came down for a quick get away over Valentine's Day weekend. We had so much fun showing them around town. Next time they visit we'll have a house, so hopefully they will stay longer than one day!
Lunch at Joe's Farmhouse

Sam wearing his V day gift

And Landon wearing mine (the new running shoes, not the pants)

Finishing off the night with a very appropriate dinner


McKell said...

Hows the wait at The Cheescake Factory? They just built one out here but there was hoards of people standing outside, equal to, if not more than Fashion Place location...

RhondaLue said...

nothing more appropriate than a cheesecake factory dinner. I hope he found something good on that huge menu! so cute.

The McKnights said...

Last time I was at Cheesecake was when we went with Posey to say bye bye! I'm due...so yummy! I lvoe the shirt you got Sam, good pick! Let's play!